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  1. Serious about having a substance abuse as they party overnight every weekend?

    I’m in a situation where my gf started going out and drinking and says it’s because she’s with co workers but since she started work, that’s all she has ever done. She’s had 3 DUI’s in the past. I’m fucking stupid but she has a substance abuse?

  2. They were married. Kinda makes the whole “in sickness and in health” thing worthless in my opinion.

    HE left. He voided this. She honored his wishes.

    This isn't the same thing as someone having cancer. Has your husband physically left the house and cut contact with you so that you'd move on? No? OK then wow look at how your situation has no bearing on this whatsoever.

    Also – it's not good to be proud that you're a doormat that accepts verbal abuse. That's not something to be celebrated. I hope you don't have children that you're teaching to accept abuse from future partners.

  3. Frankly yr gf needs therapy. Yes abuse is horrible but you were being robbed. How does she know they wouldn't've raped her given the chance??? Did she want you to ask them oh so nicely to leave??? Nonsensical. You did everything right

  4. Why are you posting this here before talking to your fiancé about it? You need to find out his side of the story and decide what you believe.

  5. Can you confirm it's not someone else looking to get I'm dragged/ fuck up his relationship with you?

    My photos were once used on dating apps without my permission including dating apps I would never use as they do not cater to my sexuality.

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