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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. This

    I LOVE rough sex. My husband loves anal play, though he prefers the ownership concept of it than me in pain.

    We do not do anal sex if it's causing me pain. Hands down, I say “Nope” and we move on. Super easy. I also have conversations with him about sexual preferences, fantasies, etc.

    If you're not mature enough to discuss sex acts, then don't have them. If he can't safely do the prep, then he can't safely do that sexual act. Anal sex can take a ton of prep work and practice, which is why anal play is heavily regarded as the first step of any form of anal play.

    You don't just accidentally anal with most people. Hard stop. Hell no.

  2. Oh great, another porn-hating gf who's been with the same guy for yrs and explicitly told him this which he refuses to respect yet still in the relationship ?

  3. boundaries do not exist with this man lol old timer mentality is chaos i gave up so now we take it day by day, i'm tired of arguing so i refuse to

  4. He's lying. You will receive emails from time to time about an inactive account. Actual tinder notifications are recommendations/responses/communications from an active tinder account.

    So infer from that what you will. Lying about it though does infer quite a lot.

  5. Whether you forgive him or notmhas nothing to do about how good of a husband or father he can be. This is all about him getting a sense of closure and feeling better about himself.

    Do whatever makes you feel the best.

  6. Sounds like you're not compatible as friends anymore. You should be able to have your own opinion without being belittled. You're probably the only person who responds to her long audio messages. Just say you're not going to listen to all that and ignore it next time.

  7. You did the right thing OP. It sounds like she has serious unresolved issues on top of being a single mom. The world does not owe anyone anything. Now getbyour head right, get to the gym, make money, and disappear for 6 months. You'll come out on the other side a whole lot better.

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