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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. I pulled my husband aside when I had a chance to tell him it was so weird. He got quite upset and said he didn’t mean to feed her but she went that way. I feel like he doesn’t understand where I’m coming from.

    He thinks you are blaming him when it clearly wasn’t his fault. Be sure to say clearly that you aren’t blaming him.

  2. OP could be blinded by his love bombing. Sit down and do this with someone who knows you & him well enough to answer honestly

  3. Yeah you deffo have to tell them you're telling her! I don't get why that should be such an issue for them as this is going to be a significant partner that you trust.

  4. You allowed your workplace to become your home and obviously need to push this man away. You should tell your husband, regardless of the outcome as it is the right thing to do.

  5. I 100% agree with this.

    This kid is a total mummas boy and he won't ever grow out of it I'm afraid, they rarely do.

    Honestly OP, you might not feel it now, but this is definitely a gift. If you keep going back, there will always be 3 people in your relationship, and you'll be at the bottom of that totem pole sadly.

    Go do something nice for you, indulge in some self care/ self love.

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  7. I don't know you well enough to judge, however, examining your writing I

    don't sense there is anything other than a well-developed sense of Self, as

    distinguished from one who is Authenticly “self- ish”.

    And if there is something “wrong” with you it certainly does not come across

    in your communications skills.

    Very Best Wishes for your “Christmas Ceasefire”. With very little effort these

    events can morph into something more. 🙂

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  9. As a woman who has been divorced…I can tell you that this is the approach my ex took with me when we were in a similar place and it just pushed us farther away.

    The whole “I’ll be romantic with you if you commit in advance that my approaches will be successful” just created more conflict, was more exhausting, and undermined any romantic gestures he did make because it was all surrounded by so much obligation and pressure…just take a leap of faith and let things be a little easy and fun for a bit….

  10. I don’t think OP’s girlfriend is horrible or anything like that. But what I can’t understand is why she even brought it up at all now.

  11. When we first met we talked about kids. I said it’s a big decision I think most people take too lightly

    This is so true.

    You should definitely be sure about this before you do it.

    I think if I’m not 100% sure then I shouldn’t.

    Agreed! This is a door which swings only one way.

    There is no “undo” key for having children, the same way you can't “un-ring” a bell, or “un-pop” a balloon.

    So when you do have kids, you better be sure you want them, because they don't take those returns at Walmart!

    I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety so I’m just not sure I’d handle a child well. I also want to vomit/get nausea even thinking about birth or my IUD. I am an athlete and the idea of giving up my body and time just isn’t a great thing in my book.

    All these things argue against you having children.

    We had an argument the other day.

    Hehe… speaking of “arguments”… ?

    I said if we’re going to have kids then we need to do couples therapy.

    “Getting married” is probably something you should think about, as well.

    He has issues with being patient and getting upset quickly and I don’t want kids to go through that.

    Hell, never mind the kids… I don't want you to go through that!

    All that storm and stress isn't good, with or without children.

    He has a degree in psychology so it’s not like he’s talking out of his ass.

    Then he should see about getting his money back, because couples therapy is quite viable, and often necessary and beneficial.

    His “not believing in it” makes absolutely zero sense, and probably isn't based on anything actual, tangible or real.

    Now he asked for time to think. What in the world do I do next?

    While his back is turned, slip out the door.

    You and he are at an impasse which I don't see you resolving to anyone's long-term satisfaction.

    He wants you to bang out babies, which will totally wreck your body. I'm not feeling good about the kind of family dynamic in which these children will grow up, and you yourself said you have panic attacks, which would definitely interfere with your ability to care for children.

    All good reasons for you to not have children.

    I think each of you would be better off with people with views similar to your own.

  12. If he was 26, I’d be cool with him dating only 26 and below but since he’s 33, it makes me think he wants to control the women he dates. The only guys I’ve ever known who solely dated women in the mid to lower 20s (as older men) didn’t like women who had too many opinions (their words) or they had fantasies of 18 year olds (ick).

  13. I'm sorry this is heartbreaking. You did all you could. You were honest and open.

    You want different things and there is no compromise when it comes to wanting /not wanting children. It is best to part ways now.

  14. I mean, he still wants to date you even after knowing you're 30. Is this the hill you want to die on? Idk I think it's a goofy mindset of him but clearly he isn't sticking to it. My husband normally dated older before we met, but hey this worked out.

  15. We never go through each others' phones, and if I ask now she'll definitely be suspicious that I am thinking about my stepfather. Any texts that they have she'll delete. Getting my stepfather's phone is out of the question, too, for the same reason. I don't know the password, so I can't just take it when he's not paying attention.

  16. Is he manipulating actual people? That would be straight to divorce for me. Looking at porn is fine, but getting in contact with people to get nudes is not. Ans lying is worse.

  17. There is definitely a point where it becomes a problem but yeah I would say that it is both normal and common for both men and women to “use each other as eye candy.” I'm just talking about looking, not any other behavior OP is displaying that might be disrespectful.

  18. He is funny, attractive, smart (wouldn’t go as far as he has to belittle me about it though), good singer, is really loving. But, I am also aware of how it can all be a facade or isn’t comparable to his negative qualities… I just feel so confused

  19. I think those attachment issues are something to work on regardless of how this ends up.

    Requiring people to feed those to a level that maintains your well-being is going to overwhelm and drain most people until you aren’t requiring those for that reason.

    He’s been a fwb. It’s a situationship.

    He’s dismissive of your emotions. It’s not fair, no.

    He isn’t your guy, but he hasn’t been for the last 5 months when he was giving the attention, because he never wanted to have a serious relationship anyway.

    That’s your sign before you get all the way to here.

  20. No, you're not ruining his friendships, but he is ruining this relationship. You deserve compassion right now and he just hurled abuse at you!! This is unacceptable behavior from him and I'm so sorry he put you through that, you deserve better.

  21. You’ve only been dating a month?

    In my opinion, it’s weird he would tell you any of this. Why put any of this, on you? What exactly does he expect you to do, or say? It’s so uncomfortable. And juvenile.

  22. Would it be wrong if I asked him to stay with his parents for a few days? I'm extremely lonely and depressed about this. I'm married but feel so lonely. I want a few days in the apartment by myself. I asked him to get rid of the console completely and he said no because “what if I get rid of it and you leave anyways?” That means, in my opinion, he doesn't see a problem with it. he's just doing it because of me and he doesn't see it as an addiction.

  23. No she’s insecure bc of her last boyfriend who constantly cheated on her on social media. I have never given her a reason to question my loyalty. She’s mad I’m not sitting down for hours and clicking through each of my followers to check if they are a female that isn’t a family friend or a friend’s girlfriend.

  24. I don't think you should feel better about it. That was an awful thing for him to say to you, both the “granny” part and the “porn” part. Literally what the hell was he thinking

  25. I feel bad for the cat, I can’t see bathing it 4 times a week doing anything other than stressing TFFFF out of that poor cat. How big is the place you’re at? You’re closing it out of what sounds like at least HALF of the place. Kinda fucked up when you consider that apartment is their WHOLE world and you’re making it smaller. Maybe next time don’t take someone with a cat genius.

  26. Your gf should be happy you got a job interview that gives you a chance to get out of the job which mmakes you miserable. But instead she makes you more miserable with her me, me, me. And if you can't sleep at her place, why didn't she come to yours, you both had a few relaxing yours watching a movie and just cuddle? Not that it was bad that you wanted to be alone to get prepared.

    A partner should support you and not make your life harder. Plans change. As long as you don't back out every time. She clearly has messed up priorities if shd thinks this fake holiday is more important than your happiness at work and future. And saying one time like “I'm really sad that we couldn't spend the day but i'm excited to catch up on it with you soon” but the guilt-tripping and manipulating so that you show up anyway, just no. And i can't believe this is tge first time she act like this when she doesn't get what she want.

  27. He is lying. First, that's no how apps work. Second, apps usually email you to get back to the app or something, but they don't text you (because costs apply and you usually haven't consented to getting text from them).

    In google pixel is easier to make it seem like you don't have an app, but you have it. You can delete the short cut, move it to a folder, or even have the app within a cloner app (like a virtual machine in your phone in which you have an app that you can a second account for or just to hide it).

    You can go to his Play Store and it should tell you when he installed the app last, etc. You can also look into app usage to see which apps he is using (if you see a weird app, it could be a clone app and he is using tinder inside of that).

  28. There are occasions where people act out first because they've been traumatized by someone doing something like that to them and they go “they can't do it to me if I do it to them first”.

    Luckily this mentality can be helped with therapy.

  29. I didn't know either, until my mom gave me a verbal lashing when she saw me toss some in the trash like six years ago. Haven't thrown them away since, and I keep finding new ways to use them. Definitely worth saving some.

  30. Thank you for the advice, i will choose my actions carefully for sure. Want this to be a fun experience for all parties involved!

  31. Ok… there is no shame in being poly, having an open marriage etc… BUT consent and communication are incredibly important. You have to be on the same page. You need to tell your wife that to you… what she did was cheating… you are hurt.

    If you go down this road you need to be clear and comfortable.this works well for some couples but it isn’t for everyone. My best friend and I had this convo last night. I couldn’t ever do true poly or open, but she is very much polyamorous.

    Just start with talking… also yes.. your feelings about the cheating are valid. I can see her thinking that this is all men’s fantasies (what I was taught growing up)… but it was okay and doesn’t mean it isn’t hurtful.

  32. Someone smart said that if you have a good life, things are going well and you STILL feel this way, you may be depressed. Maybe there is a trigger you are unaware of. What has changed from the time you felt calm around him to now?

    Breathe work and CBD gummies have changed my life.

  33. He doesn't need a gaggle of nosy snooping girls reporting his every move back to his ex. Come on, his reaction is not rocket science.

  34. PS. I am scared to tell my husband because of his major insecurity issues

    I wonder why he has those. Is it because you're cheating and his gut is telling him something is wrong?

    Advice: Grow up and tell your husband what's happened. It's part of being a mature adult. Accepting the consequences of your actions.

  35. I was really behind them on a step (I had clear vision of everything) and she passe right in front of me to get to the bar with him behind her. She did not make eyes contact with me at all, looking at the floor like I did not exist ! When the guy pass right in front of me and seeing him looking at her butt that when I grab him … wtf dude that’s not a normal behavior.

    Imaging if she had made eyes contact with me or stop by me and asked me if it was okay … or if it was a game of seduction between her and me.

    But letting this creep go to the bar with her, buying her a drink, risking him putting something in her drink : NO WAY !

    This guy face dude … he looked like a bandit who are looking for troubles you know. Disgusting piece of shit …

    I want to throw up right now. Did not sleep !!

  36. That just sounds unbelievably exhausting. My American aunt was a nanny in England and she tells a funny story about helping the kids with spelling homework. She had the kid completely confused after ten minutes because there were several differences she wasn't aware of. Think about your future, will that story be funny or infuriating for you?

  37. Have you told him why? I mean, there are some places I don't like to go, generally because they are loud or crowded. But I could tolerate going to many places I don't agree with if I had a reason.

    What if he goes to church and becomes a better boyfriend?

  38. If your word isn't good enough, then you're with the wrong guy. I believe you, and I never even met you

  39. Kinda the same way tbh. Personally if we are just like fwb idc tell me your “hoe” stories let me hear about that ex that changed your life sexually who cares. But My gf like girl I plan to marry? Idgaf about the past, that is the past I’m looking towards the future with you. I don’t need details but I won’t throw a tantrum just knowing the outlines

  40. For real, like what did he expect her reaction would be when she woke up? “Oh I specifically said no to this but now that you went ahead and did it anyway, I guess okay”

    Ugh makes me want to retch

  41. Yes, exactly. Girl may or may not be morally bankrupt as some have said. He may or may not have groomed her. Unless OP has a romantic interest in the girl, he needs to butt out. Don't tell the wife that would crush her. Leave them with their problems.

  42. Jus stop playing with him. Get another games machine and play with/against other people .

    Why do you keep doing somthing “together” that upsets you BOTH?

    He's out of order in how he speaks to you, but honestly most couples can't cope with playing games/sports with or against each other. It like taking driving lessons from a partner usually a recipe for dissaster.

  43. Buy her the Natural Cycles app. All she has to do is take her temperature each morning and it’ll start to tell her when she’s fertile and should use protection and when she doesn’t have to. Because women can’t get pregnant at every point of our menstrual cycles.

    If she’s gonna have to deal with the app and taking her temp, the least you can do is pay for it.

  44. Agreed it's always better to try than to be abused. I have yet to see a domestic victim regret leaving. I have seen it with my 2 aunt's and their husbands. My mom tells a story about how she had a friend over and her sister was there because the husband was hitting her. He came over and my mom had to go to the neighbors and get the police. My aunt took a lot of beatings before she finally got up and left.

    He whined he threatened he threw temper tantrums but eventually he moved on to another person we assume.

  45. Still, wgat di you want of life and your relationship. What are your priorities. If her priorities were clearly different from yours you should have also called it quits. Keep in mind it dies nit matter what she says, only what she does.

  46. I agree with you, its been tough she's explained to me that she essentially doesn't feel a single emotion for anyone besides her grandmother. I even tell her “hey are you not feeling ok?” or “do you feel this way because of how your grandmothers situation if so I understand.” but she just gets annoyed by the concerning questions because I ask her frequently whenever I get worried or overthink.

  47. The story arc of every abusive relationship; 1. He played on your sympathies to lure you in -“feel sorry for me because I have all these issues and past trauma. 2 He can't be held responsible for his actions because issues and past trauma. 3 He doesn't express love in normal ways but you convince yourself he is trying his best but past trauma and issues… 4 you are now walking on eggshells, constantly tip toeing around so you don't set him off…5 your daughter is also learning to “not set daddy off” she is spending 90% of her time in her room or outside to avoid his issues. You are both constantly apologising for every little thing because it becomes second nature to always take the blame and appease him and his temper tantrums. And your daughter is old enough to start believing that this is a normal relationship and she will grow up to put herself in the same position with some AH who abuses her because she has grown up thinking this is love….

    Do you see where I'm going here? (and others who are trying to help you). He has done absolutely nothing to address his issues. He has little to no intention to address these issues because he has you as an enabler to get him through daily life without him having put in any effort in at all. Are you his partner or his carer? because you can't be both. This is a person who has no right being in a relationship untill he gets himself sorted out. He will never do that as long as he has enablers to make it easier for him to do nothing.

    And for the love of god, as someone who grew up with an untreated bipolar parent, get your daughter out of there! You cannot begin to understand just what she is going through with such an out of control parent in her most formative years.

  48. I guess you’re not getting the full truth from your husband. He emotionally cheated on you and they had already talked about their feelings with each other when he decided to tell you that he no longer feels for you in January.

    Did he really cut off contact with the friend? When was the last time they communicated? Have you talked to her SO and compare notes?

    Don’t allow others to control your life. If he cannot commit, staying with him is useless. Talk to a lawyer and start the separation process asap.

  49. That's kind of how I'm thinking, like “it's probably just that her way of expressing affection is on a higher level than mine and I need to understand that” but I guess just hearing things about like how she's told me she daydreamed about me after a date or how I've got such a perfect personality, it's just jarring to me I think.

    Last thing I'd want to do is fuck something up if it's all just normal stuff, but I guess I'm afraid my paranoia is getting the better of me, that something seems odd about hearing all this a week in.

  50. He was upfront she is closed like an immature adult! Op tried his best and she didn't try anything to communicate with him!!! Stop making him the bad guy and stop trying to make the woman the poor victim. She is an adult, he is an adult, they are both in the relationship she has to communicate with him if she ever wants that relationship to work!!! He is also not the psychic and having foreplay and then stopping it so suddenly means that something is up and she is stopping it on purpose. You in aallll your comments are making him the bad guy and the woman the poor woman that can't talk for her wants without having the other person to try to guess!!! The only one that is projecting is totally you that you think that everything you say is important but when a man tells you also what is important for him you shame him for it all the time!!! About the sex part look your past and stop talking lies stop masturbating also if you can ssooo much control it and good luck!!! Also you say to a person that needs to be hospitalised because it doesn't agree with you!!! Well done ?? ?? you make yourself ridiculous!!! So let's see what you used as an argument in a situation that a man communicated his wants and needs 1) it is a his problem all the time, 2) she doesn't have to do anything and change 3) he has to fix it without her communication 4) you used also the consent card and the rape card to try to make a pointless point 5) you minimised him and minimised the problem he has and then 6) you called me sexist and 7) therapy and hospitalisation!!! Learn to read!!! Without your emotions and read again our discussions!!!

  51. I hate that you posted this, but I hate it because unfortunately you’re right. It makes me sick that it’s real, but that doesn’t make it false (just like teaching all the history.)

  52. I feel like I was the one who found touch and intimacy hard at first to get comfortable with. Because of my mental health i isolate away from people alot and had never been so intimate before. But i was enjoying learning how to be comfortable with my boyfriend and feeling close to him/expressing love. Now it feels all closed off. I woulf never pressure him but it does feel like rejection alot.

  53. Actually, the fact that he allowed OP to download it off his computer is valid enough to make it a revenge port. He has to take proper precautions when he processes this kind of stuff, which he did not.

  54. Hah, that's good ?. Hope you and your baby are doing alright and I wish both of you good health and a lot of happy memories in the future. I'm sure you'll be the best mom. Thank you once again.

  55. My Dad is the most amazing person on the planet. She taught me how to fix my car and do my makeup all in the same year. I love her more than I could ever express, and it really hurts me when my grandma calls her “he” or “deadname” because I can see the pain in her eyes. Apparently she did it so much the last time Kristen came to visit (last summer, 12 years after she came out and fully transitioned) that my cousins started misgendering her and calling her “Uncle Deadname.” My poor Dad was so defeated she just stopped correcting them and we left.

  56. Agree. It is probably a shame sex ed isn’t more informative. But at least they are asking and hopefully learning.

  57. You should break up with him for being so creepy about “taking your virginity”. If he would break up with you because of it…he isnt for you .

  58. Is no one going to mention that this is why consent should be asked for in advance?

    If we had a guy saying that he gave his girlfriend oral and now she’s mad at him, people would be jumping on “she probably felt pressured”, “that’s rape”.

  59. I think you’re probably in shock, and the pain is too deep to process right now. It will come eventually and when it does, allow it to work its way through your body. Cry, scream, sob, grieve. Whatever you need to do. Sometimes our minds shut down a response to pain to protect ourselves as empathy

  60. At this point she’s just using you when it’s convenient for her. I’d say go no contact except when it pertains to work.

  61. Your friend is trying to be more than a friend. She is overstepping her boundaries purposely to make gf jealous. She got exactly what she wanted.

    Would you have wanted gf to spend night at a guy’s place?

  62. This is male ego shit and it’s going to be difficult to get around, even for a decent guy.

    As you said you had your fair share of sex with strangers so these guys are wondering what it is about them that made them undesirable to you.

    As I see it you have three choices.

    1) rightfully take the stance that your sex life is none of their business and being your friend hinges on getting over it.

    2) explain that your friendship is a deeper connection than any one nighters or other sex partners you have had and that you know sex would change all that. That they are hot in their own way but being able to call at 1am crying because your cat is sick is way hotter than a shag. (This will be fucking exhausting and they aren’t likely to believe you at first.)

    3) open yourself up to mediocre sex that will threaten to scuttle your friendships.

  63. He is behaving as a selfish asshole. Let him mope. He didn’t just have surgery and his body didn’t have to let go of a little person that was wanted. Grieve, Mama. Miscarriages are hard. It’s ok to take your time here and do not feel bad for him. He needs to be much more understanding and grow up.

  64. He’s a millionaire. He doesn’t need the car he’s just trying to be petty and hurt me for leaving hkm

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