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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. I was expecting to read that you broke up 2 weeks ago!

    2 years and you didn’t date very long? If you’re still not over her that it would bother you then you need to find some coping mechanism. It shouldn’t bother you at all by now.

  2. Well, the worst thing that can happen to him is that he has to provide for someone who carries half his DNA. The worst thing that can happen to her is that she will DIE. So, of course, the one who carries the worst risk gets more of a right to opt out.

    If it bothered men that much, there'd already be facilities with artificial wombs to hrow babies, we'd all be freezing our sperm/eggs at 16, and getting sterilized immediately after. It clearly doesn't bother anyone much.

  3. Gtfo. The fact you don't feel safe emotionally with him about these sensitive topics is all the justification you need but that man just invalidated how you feel and seems a little too interested in your insecurities and what you would want to 'change' about yourself

    It might also help you in future to think about your insecurity and what you can do to feel more comfortable in your body, you may need to address that yourself first before forcing yourself into uncomfortable situations but how you achieve that is absolutely up to you. Your body is normal I promise, it's very common, you don't need to change it unless YOU want to.

  4. Look man, people have sex and the virgin before marriage thing is not realistic. Is she faithful to you? Has anything happened in the relationship that would lead you to believe she would cheat? If not then I would resolve the insecurities and try to just move past it.

    As long as it wasn’t an unhealthy coping mechanism, and she was responsible then there’s nothing to worry about. After all, a 23 year old girl with 5 previous partners is not even that much.

  5. Stop thinking about her. Yeah, I know, easier said than done. Distract yourself. When you catch yourself thinking about her consciously make the decision to stop, focus on other things.

    You're not the first to succumb to unrequited love, you won't be the last.

  6. Gee. Carrying children means NOTHING at all to these ungrateful men. It’s so disgusting and heartbreaking to see stories where they convince you to undergo a very difficult 9 month period of childbearing, then they suddenly have the freedom to change their minds about everything (including YOU) while you’re still very much unable to do so. What the actual fuck. I would be so livid I couldn’t see straight. This feels illegal but I know it’s not.

  7. The list of boundaries to be discussed is a lot longer than I thought.

    I am going to make it clear to my wife if she did not sleep with other guys in our bed. Or his bed I guess. Or anyone’s bed to cover all the bases.

    Do I need to specify which kinda beds to be perfectly clear?

  8. I mean, I was with one woman who could have easily passed as 15 tho she was 25 and I was 31. Not everyone but many would confuse me for her father. I would get dirty looks from servers when they would ask her for ID but not me. Ever her dentist thought I was her dad and kinda gave me a side eye when she kissed me.

    Tho there was never a problem when it came to people closest to us. Other than the jokes that she won't be able to come to whatever cause she's “underage”. But I imagine their are communities out there that are hyper focused on the pedophile issue ever since the Epstein case…

  9. i am basically in the exact same situation that you are. i am 18 — my mother is 60, and my father is 65. both my my parents have health issues of some sort. i’ve seen my mother hospitalized three times.

    it’s hard, it really is. it feels like all of the time spent with them won’t be nearly enough. i’ve lived my entire life feeling envious of my friends and the people around me, because they all had parents that had them in their 20s and 30s. i’m jealous. i’m angry that they get to keep their parents for so much longer than i do.

    i know just as well as you do, the all consuming fear that comes with having older parents. it’s an overwhelming feeling and it affects my life daily. i am always thinking about them. i am always praying for their safety and good health.

    when i moved out, i spent weeks in a depressive state, constantly worried about my parents living on their own. i spent my time researching average lifespans and ‘hacks’ to live longer. i was driving myself crazy with this. but… is that any way to live? living your life in a state of constant fear and uncertainty?

    i text my parents every single day. i call them as often as i can. the time i have left with them is precious to me — knowing that there’s a chance that they won’t live to see me graduate university breaks me, but it also motivate me to live. i want to spend as much time with them as possible. i want to make the most of the time we have left.

    do i still feel jealous of those with young parents? yes. do i still feel anger that mine are significantly older? absolutely. but i want to cherish the time i have left with them, because they are everything to me. without them, i would be nothing.

  10. I also don't like being fingered. You know what? My husband doesn't finger me.

    Because he loves me, and when I tell him I don't like something or that it HURTS, HE DOESN'T WANT TO HURT SOMEONE HE LOVES, SO HE WON'T DO IT.

    It's that simple. This boy is a fucking pissbaby who doesn't give a shit what you want.

    Move along.

  11. First of all, it can take a woman’s body some time to recover from a miscarriage so a couple of months is nothing. Please also note that the miscarriage could have been from something wrong with his sperm as much as anything else and it certainly wasn’t something you had control over.

    More important here is your husband’s AH right now. Honestly – what a pos! I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with such an ignorant, petulant, immature, AH. Let him sulk – that won’t get you pregnant though.

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