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  1. Whether or not he’s wealthy the reality is you don’t want to pay this and he’s not offering. Your priority is paying down debt. In this case, I’d simply tell him that you can’t afford the 345 this month or next month. You may be in a better position next year so this year, celebrate apart and next year you’ll reconsider. Then, go spend Christmas with your sister. Because it’s just you, instead of owing her 100, you just owe her 50. Now you can throw that extra 50 at your debt. Instead of going deeper on debt for the holidays, you just made a tiny dent.

  2. So, yes, you're overreacting.

    And this is a very common response when someone has a history of being abused.

    Once, I absolutely panicked in response to my current partner swinging his head towards me with a look of confusion. I panicked because my ex used to do that exact same thing and it ALWAYS preceded anger and abuse. My ex was always looking for an opportunity to be offended and if I said something he didn't understand or thought didn't sound right, I was in trouble. So when my current partner did this one day, my brain didn't stop to consider that he is not my abuser. It just went straight to “OMG, he's angry.” He wasn't. Just sincerely confused. It took me a full day to work through the anxiety and talk with my partner about it.

    You also basically had zero opportunity to work on healing before jumping into a new relationship. You really need to deal with this with the help of a professional, as others have also mentioned.

    What I would do at this point is sit your husband down and explain to him that you understand he was joking along with you and not being unkind, but in the moment your traumatized brain forgot that the person standing in front of you was not your abuser and reacted as it had in the past. Thank him for his immediate effort to calm and reassure you. Reassure him that you love him, you don't believe he is abusive, and that you are going to make a concerted effort now to address this hair trigger trauma response that you have with some mental health and psychiatric care. It might be helpful to work with him on a word or phrase you can use that will let him know that you're struggling and that you need him to step the jokes down a bit until you can get your head on straight again.

    It sounds like you have a good relationship and that he is a reasonable and caring person. Open communication should resolve this fairly easily.

  3. Eeee

    So that is the first red flag for me, and I thought we were generally pretty good here but… there is absolutely no reason that you should know what sexual acts he engaged in with his previous partners. That is unhealthy and, frankly, violates his previous partners' privacy.

    Can you share how those disclosures came about?

    Also, if you're willing, can you give some examples? I guess I am wondering if we're talking about pretty run-of-the-mill stuff that you want to try and he is saying no, or if they are more unusual?

    Most importantly, are you asking to try these sexual activities because they are your strong interests (maybe that appealed to you before you even met him) or does your interest stem, in part, from hearing that they did them together?

  4. You owe her nothing.

    She said what she said, and then tried to backtrack and half arse an apology.

    So prepare yourself, then end the relationship.

    Tell her that you are ‘setting her free’ so she no longer needs to settle.

    Then either move out or kick her out, depending on who’s name is on the lease. Block her on everything, and go and find yourself someone else.

  5. Well rather than 'dating', stop looking for love, and start looking for platonic friends. There are guys out there looking for love who are also feeling the same things you're feeling. Be patient, don't focus on finding a romantic relationship; Love will find you when you least expect it.

    Also, find a good therapist to help you sort out your emotions, show you how to boost your self-confidence & learn how be a good friend etc… Find clubs that align with your hobbies/interest and join them. Be kind to everyone, Do you, and don't worry about building relationships with who can't/wont accept you for you. Learn how to be comfortable/happy with your own company and love yourself, as you can't truly love someone else until you love yourself. You're young and have a lot of life ahead of you, be the best person to yourself you can be & enjoy the here and now.

  6. I still don’t know what you want from her. Do you want kisses? Hugs? Flirting? You need to say what you actually want because people can’t read minds and its super unfair to be frustrated she doesn’t know what you want when you can’t even spell it out in a reddit post

  7. It's not your responsibility to prevent them from killing themselves, but if you seriously believe they intend to kill themselves you can 5150 them and use the time they are in hospital to gtfo

  8. You aren't trapped. If they are a danger to themselves, you can call their family or emergency support services.

    You do not have to stay in a relationship you don't want to be in because the other person threatens to hurt themselves.

  9. Besides the hiding, I feel that any respectable partner will care about the other person's feelings and concerns. His gf doesn't show much care for how he feels.

  10. Defense?

    You might as well physically cut it off, babbling about it to your friend just flat out sucks.

  11. You said that your gf is an alcoholic and still drinks. Red flag. She lies about drinking? Is she attending meetings? Is she getting help for drinking? She lost her job and hid that from you, which can be a red flag or not it's tricky.

    The real questions are about whether your gf needs help. Is she getting help? Do you want that to be part of your life at this stage?

  12. Hold on. You did this EXACT thing to guy you dated, but are posting about it here complaining?

    Look up “hypocrisy” in the dictionary.

  13. Or, you could ask what she likes so that you’re in the running for ? it’s quite possible that she wasn’t getting off by dick alone, most women don’t. Why haven’t you been open to learning what she wants

  14. It’s crazy how you responded with these ??? but you look like a damn ??? in the main post. Mmm

    How about you go paint your face and look in the mirror afterwards

  15. He's gaslighting you on top of isolating you. What an ass. There must be a reason and I'd ask maybe the others?

  16. I mean, I think there is some moderate ground to understand both sides here.

    With these subreddits we only ever here one side and their retelling of the situation.

    How much travel is a little travel?? Maybe he feels like your absences are a bit unfair.

    Does he have a full time job? Is he having to basically single parent this more frequently than not?

    I’m not saying you’re wrong I’d just like more information

  17. “Hey, before I go to your sisters' funeral, you don't want to fuck me, do you?”

    Thats an insane conversation to have!

  18. Male perspective here, I'm about your guys' age. I think he's very much in the wrong here… Your role as a wife should not have to include being a “fuck doll”. Sorry for the term but it seems applicable – you need to feel comfortable in bed and trying to perform impossible for you tasks which get you way out of your comfort zone for the possibility of emotional support is not fair. His support should be unconditional, for his wife, not conditional upon his somewhat unrealistic sexual needs being met.

    I've never wanted either of the things he was asking about but I've had it told to me by an ex that anal is completely off limits for her etc. So I knew not to make her uncomfortable and ask or try etc

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