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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. I’m 23 as well and happily married to my best friend. Do you know one of my tricks? I don’t go on dates with other men. If your boyfriend is your best friend and you envision a life with him, respect his feelings on this. If you care more about this new man, then maybe you two aren’t meant for each other.

  2. Yo don’t come to Reddit for advice on cheating. People out here just gonna shit on you.

    The thing is, when you cheat, learn how to deal w your guilt in your own way. Don’t ask for people to help you w that. Don’t fuck w their marriage. Mind your own business and fuck off

  3. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to search your phone…..

    1) relationships are built in trust….why don’t you trust me when over and over again you can see that nothing is going on 2) privacy…..he’s invading yours….and making you feel like you can’t or shouldn’t talk about things with friends 3) it’s hurting you…to the point of it making you feel sick 4) you just don’t want him to….why do you need me to defend this?

    You can try talking him….dig in deep about why he’s like this, offer him all of the reassurance in the world, and tell him your phone is off limits, but you’ll always be honest with him.

    I know you’re not buying it….I know….but things like this escalate. And you’re not that far into the relationship.

  4. Or maybe you’re just a bad reader since you’re so judgmental. The fact you’re the only one who doesn’t understand it, says a lot. I’ve moved on and tried my best to make sure my ex won’t f up his current relationship. Like I said, feel free to assume about me and it won’t ever change the fact of my real intentions.

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