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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Sorry OP. Maybe some couple's counseling is the right call, but normally, at your age, I just recommend breaking up when that even becomes a serious suggestion.

    Relationships before 25 (when you really settle on who you'll be as an adult) rarely work out, so putting in the hard work to salvage a relationship ends up generally not being worth the effort.

    What they did was a dick move, regardless of being inebriated. If they've otherwise been a Saint in relationship maybe counseling is an okay option, but what they did here isn't okay. The burden of being able to forgive falls to you, and you need to decide if it's a burden it's worth bearing.

  2. They're 22 and 21 in college going to frat parties, shit like this happened all the time, everyone was so dramatic lmao.

  3. 40 other men in a 2-year period?

    How many is that per month?

    I'd be looking for something with less mileage if a long-term relationship is your goal. If you're just #41, before #42 shows up, then just enjoy the ride.

  4. I also have an internal psychologist at the vocational training center, and I have already had a few sessions with her. She gave me a list of external and easily accessible therapists. But I'm also afraid to call and to speak on the answering machine, which is why I've let it slide … I'm also afraid that I express myself really stupidly on the phone (I would like to write emails but either they don't have any and if they do then I don't know how to write it because my internal psychologist told me that therapists WANT you to call and you should rather not write them an email). Or it could also be the bullying and the exclusion in the past that I am afraid of what people think of me (besides, when I was bullied I also tried to hurt myself again and again).


  5. Sweetheart, His pleasure is hearing you in PAIN!! Usually, I don't involve my husband in Reddit stories I read, hear on YouTube, not his thing. This one, I had him read, write down what he thought, I did the same.. Guess what?? WE, BOTH WROTE THE SAME!!

    It isn't you're “too loose,” I mean come on, you really think that is a real thing? We pop out BABIES, “it” grows to 10 damn centimeters to get a WHOLE BABY OUT and then goes right back. Have you had your annual pap-smears? Does the speculum get so lost up in YOU the GYNO says, “Hey, sorry, have to go grab THE BIG DOG!!?!” You're way too old to be this ignorant about your own body hon.. No, he likes it THAT WAY because he gets off at your pain, uncomfortably and nothing else.. You are WORTH more.. Have you ever been in love before? All is good, amazing and then your heart hurt when you broke up? You did get over it, didn't you?? It's the same. He doesn't have ANY respect for YOU, it's ALL, ALL about him and him only.. You are a means to an end to HIS AND HIS ALONE, sexual gratification.. You got the infection because he went back there and then put it in the front just to appease you.. That part of our body is to get rid of waste and he didn't care and went into the front… What did he do when you got that painful UTI???

  6. If she is your best friend, you should be able to tell her point blank.

    Is she your best friend?

  7. If you want to be blunt about it, when he says ‘I wish I could be bigger for you’ you could always reply, ‘I don’t’. I think sometimes guys really think bigger is better. It’s more of fitting together like a lock and key. Too big HURTS. Too small is unfortunate, but at least there’s lots of ways to still get that satisfaction. But finding someone who fits with you perfectly? Someone who is amazing at giving you orgasms? That’s the stuff of dreams.

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