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  2. No it’s not. She wants you to spend time with her and her family. A compromise would be spending slightly less time with her family instead of spending the whole day. It sounds like she already offered that and you have no interest in arriving at a compromise or making her happy.

    You should probably dump her so she can find someone who is willing to make small sacrifices for her. There are tons of men out there who would jump at the opportunity to do so.

  3. A woman choosing to take a pregnancy test for her own peace of mind is very, very different from a man demanding a paternity test from his wife. One is just reassurance. The other is a de facto accusation of cheating. There is no other way to spin it. Paternity cannot be in question if there is no infidelity.

  4. Well, unless she can get over it you will need to leave. Granted she has lied and cheated on you, likely more than once. What is her attitude? Is she willing to stop going to bars, if that is the result?

  5. Sorry I just realized I’m asking you as if you know him personally and know the answer to my question when it isn’t that simple. You just seem like you know what type of person he is and how people like him are likely to act. Truth is I just shouldn’t be with somebody who makes me feel less than. Thank you for helping me see this more clearly ? This is why I’m still in therapy Lmaoo

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