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  1. He's still trying to control you. Ignore him. He can't forbid you to do anything.

    I'd be petty and walk in there with a group of guys and be all over every last one of them. Or with a different guy every time you go into the store.

    Fuck him. He's abusive. Celebrate your freedom.

  2. Lemme simplify this cause you’re still skirting my question. If you don’t trust someone, why in the fuck are you trying to create life with them and raise it together? I’m not saying don’t get a paternity test, by all means test whatever you want. But if there’s even a HINT of a doubt in your mind in what world does it seem like an okay idea to procreate with them?

  3. Your wife might act like she's doing better when you're around and abuse your daughter after she gets the spawn she wants.

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