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  1. I already understood what you mean. I just disagree. I think she's only hiding it because she doesn't want herself/the AP to look worse.

  2. And TBH, even if he didn’t do it sexually, he still pinned OP down against his will and did something to his body that he didn’t consent to. This is not at all okay in any context.

  3. Agreed. OP their's nothing wrong with what you're feeling. She seems to be understanding in that. But generally if you're getting emotionally involved with someone you're not doing you or them right by being sexually involved with someone else. So despite the technicalities she did a not healthy thing and it's effecting you.

  4. May just have to deal with it. If she lives in a different town, she probably won’t go all the way to where you are to go clubbing

  5. You said it’s the second time.

    What’s to stop a third, forth?

    There is no stability. Why won’t you make the choice for better?

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