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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Depends on the timeline. If there's like a day or 2 between confessing you have feelings for someone and speaking to your partner, I'd not consider it cheating. If it's more than a week, we're getting into more murky territory.

  2. I’m going to be honest…. You need to make this NOT about her affair and more about growing apart over the years and not being happy, maybe catalyzed but the affair, but unless your kids know about all of this, it might affect your relationship with them to find out you’ve been essentially plotting for years to end the relationship with their mom while acting like a loving family to everyone else. You need to emphasize to everyone involved that this ISNT just about 2 months 11 years ago, but it’s about certain things in your 31 year marriage that have never changed. Personally, I’d wait until the kids have been gone for a few months and then spin it as “without the kids around, I realized just how unhappy I was, and I’ve realized I’ll never be happy if we stay married. I’m heavily leaning towards divorce, but I think you and I need to separate for awhile. (And then say either I’ll move out, I’ve found a place. Or ask her to leave.)”

    Ask for a few month separation to ease into it, both for the benefit of your wife and your kids, it’ll make it seem more real to your wife and less sudden to your kids. Depending on the laws in your state, separation might be required for a divorce anyway, so look into that. If you don’t need to separate for 6-12 months, make the separation until right after your kids are home, they’ll be done with finals and their education won’t be fucked up by the divorce stress, you’ll have the summer to handle logistics without bothering your kids. All in all, take it slow and be methodical and keep in mind your kids and how they’ll view this divorce, as holding a grudge for 11 years could seriously fuck up their views on relationships and you. So don’t pose it like that, even though your feelings are valid. Also try to time it when your kids are off and don’t need to focus on school so if they have any reaction they can process. You’ve waited for years already for your kids benefit, you can wait a few more months.

  3. This is a really dangerous situation. The brother is a rapist, arsonist, and abuser. Who told you that you shouldn't wear “skimpy clothes” in case he attacks you? Was it your partner or his parents?

  4. same, dude, same. and extra emphasis on: if you can't grow a filled out, full 'stache, please don't even anything.

  5. You just do as they ask and don’t overstay your welcome. Go pick up your boyfriend and hang out somewhere else or he can take public transport or get a vehicle and go to you.

    Most people don’t enjoy having company around so often. I don’t see it as being unwelcome, you’re just there too much.

  6. This sounds like an emotional affair. All the time and energy he is putting into her, he could be putting into you. I recommend writing him a message explaining that because he has hours for another woman but not you, that he has shown where his loyalty is. Let him know clearly that you are officially over and he can let his other love know he is free.

  7. Yeah she had an affair for the whole 3 months? Damn really? You just got married for 6 months and she could only held herself back for what, a week before sleeping with another man? And continuously doing so, only stopped cos she has to return back to you. Yet she's still keeping him in contact, for what? The next time you gotta do LDR she's gonna meet with him again? The affair might be 3 years ago for her, but it's still fresh for you.

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