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  1. Why be with a man who doesn’t care about you? You are seriously I’ll and the only thing he cares about is himself? He sounds awful and abusive

  2. Talk to her, and ask her to take it down.

    Tell her that while the racy bikini pics make you a little jealous, that is a problem that is solely yours, but the lewd/nearly nude pic was crossing a relationship boundary that you didn’t think she would cross.

    Remind her that her picture could end up getting her removed from the athletics team, can damage the relationship she is building with your family, and as a reminder that the internet is for ever, ask her what is she going to do when it impacts her career and job prospects later in life.

    And then depending on how she responds, will tell you whether or not you continue the relationship.

  3. She wants out. She said she doesn't love you anymore. It's game over for your relationship with her. Get a good lawyer and begin divorce proceedings.

  4. It's okay you two send music to each other but this is a serious issue that requires COMMUNICATION not song lyrics sending song lyrics is NOT communication because everyone interprets songs completely differently

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  6. I have set friends up with people I've dated before. Personally think if time has passed, they're a good person at their core and you're not still in love with them, then what's the harm?

  7. If you don't understand why most 32yr old women would want nothing to do with most 22yr old men, then you aren't mature enough to date women in their 30s.

  8. Do NOT get pregnant at 20 because your double-you-age emotionally manipulative boyfriend is giving you the silent treatment.

  9. So… you just have sex with her so you can sleep? Yeah, if my boyfriend used me as a fleshlight to make him sleep better, I would reject him too.

    Also “I can't sleep without getting off” is… well… are you sure you aren't 14? Or 16 maybe? Grow tf up.

  10. If you're okay to degrade yourself and stoop to his level go for it or be an adult and end it and stop putting up with his shit

  11. . A few dates in before we were official, she fucked both of them in 2 days so it’s been a touchier topic for me

    17 year old having sex with 3(you being the 3rd, hopefully) men in the same week you become exclusive and she stayed with the one that would keep her… and now you have issues…. never would have saw that coming

  12. As if people in non-age gap relationships are perfectly happy all the time? Nothing to do with the age gap, but the personality of that man.

  13. All this other stuff you're adding in the comments is 1 of three things.

    Trolling and you can fuck off Lying because you didn't like the reaction You should be afraid for your life.

    If it's 3 get help NOW

  14. It's a conversation worth having! He might not realize that it's deeper than the instances themselves. Good luck!!

  15. You’re right but I need a place to rant and I feel like this relationship is wearing me down x100. He is so fixated on what he thinks is right he will stop himself from making comments I said I didn’t like ONE TIME

  16. Because if I don't do it, I spend weeks listening to her complain about headaches because of her eyes or something is hurting her that she needs a doctor to look at.

  17. He’s not responsible for your anxiety. But. You two don’t even share about your lives. Why are you chasing an obviously unhealthy relationship?

  18. You are not her keeper. Her issues are her own and she clearly doesn't want your help or to stop. You may feel you're justified in doing what you did, but in reality you could be charged with a crime such as kidnapping or false imprisonment if someone felt like making the effort to file charges.

    She's an adult, drinking illegally (if in the US), and there's little you can do yourself to change any of that.

  19. If you want a home and family, I would tell you to break up because you’re 28 so you have time, but it takes time to establish a relationship to make sure you even want to do that. It sounds like he’s unsure of you. I would tell him that you would like to break up and move on with your life because you’re interested in having a marriage and a family. And you respect his decision but that’s your decision. Sometimes these things work out. He may realize he misses you and he doesn’t wanna live without you and work it out with you. But if you sit there, you know where he’s at now. It becomes your fault too.

  20. Dude is craving parenthood the same way he craved marriage, by only thinking about the good times.

    He is in an incredibly hard position and he needs help taking care of her, both physical and emotional, but bailing and hoping for an easier life is not the answer.

    If she can’t work she should be eligible disability, is she on disability?

    He needs a form of therapy or a support group to help with caretaker fatigue and any other emotional difficulties he having as a result of this terrible situation.

  21. Yup maybe lol ?I have friends that have cheated, I’m careful what I said around them, I don’t trust them the same, but we are still good friends. I’m also not married or in a relationship, so my life will not be changed by it. OP has more to worry about than a single person.

  22. So, you started dating your 47 year old boss when you were 19 from what I gathered from the comments. Just pretend for a minute this isn't about you for a minute…. Let me tell you a headline and you tell me what you think about it.

    47 year old man in a relationship with a 19 year old employee

    Remember, this isn't your relationship, just someone else's. What do you automatically assume about this relationship?

  23. We have a lot in common and I’ve always been youthful and playful. We just match up well personality wise. You would have to be us to know that. But I understand you have your opinion.

  24. I'm sorry but what? His feelings don't matter? Something that will literally change the course of his life doesn't matter? What kind of toxic nonsense is this? Should he support his wife? Sure. But he doesn't have to agree to raise another man's child in order to do that.

  25. You don't need a reason not to go. Your reason is you don't want to. You're choosing not to. Just say, “No thank you.” It should be left at that. If he presses, give him a light answer; it doesn't have to be a big issue. “I'd rather not.” Or “My boyfriend would rather I didn't, so please stop asking me. Thanks.” When he stops you to ask about your day, answer him with, “Sorry, I'm on my way out.” These don't have to be stressful situations, just short, friendly, and firm answers to stop him.

  26. The problem is that this happened to fast. She clearly cares about you but might not love you. On the other side if you were only with her because you wanted a relationship- then really you need to look yourself in the mirror. When you cut off like that with people that care for you – this is evil and hurtful. You need to man up and take another talk with her.

  27. He insulted them….

    They had already insulted him.

    You had already forced him to do things that he has specifically told you before the trip that he did not want to do.

    Pull your head out of your arse.

  28. If you're being verbally abused to the point where you are essentially being evicted it's time to reevaluate the goddamn relationship.

  29. Not sure why this would be an issue for you even if it’s his way of making sure you don’t make a “mistake” by going home with someone when drunk. Be happy that he’s that dedicated to you to make sure you get home safe.

  30. That's really how I feel. I had only a hazy idea of what parenthood and being a father would be like. I woke up in a cold sweat the other day because I dreamed that the way we had carried the child in our arms led to them developing lifelong back problems.

  31. I’ll admit her tact is lacking, but in my honest opinion I think you’re feeling vulnerable about it and didn’t like it being pointed out. It’s your choice to try and make it an attack, but I genuinely don’t think it is. Idk her personally, so I can only tell you based off the info.

  32. I have a theory. If every person in a relationship went through their partners phone, there’d no longer be couples left on this earth.

  33. I definitely want to talk to her about it, I just want to make sure I have what I want to say in order so there’s minimal confusion/hurt.

  34. bring it up in therapy. tell her that if she doesn't want to resolve this problemn being in therapy is useless since it seems to be a huge issue in your relationship.

    but this isn't a question of attractiveness and you're an AH for telling her that you don't find her attractive. don't get me wrong, you can think what you want (even though imo it still makes you an AH) but that doesn't mean you're right to say everything that comes to your mind out loud. what is it with people thinking it's perfectly acceptable to be mean to their partners “because it's true” anyway? is being a decent person too hard or something? just cut this crap already.

    and by the way, you telling her that you don't find her attractive misses the point entirely. it's about her not being able to perform basic daily tasks or playing freely with her own kid, not about how much happiness your pp gets looking at her. that's not a reason to lose weight and anyway if I were her I wouldn't care anyway after what you said.

  35. Wear a n95 mask whenever you go to work and find a new job to look for since he doesn't care if he gets you nor anyone that works for him sick.

  36. If she’s a friend on his Instagram can’t you just say you found her that way? I assume going through her online photos is how you figured it all out? Make sure her profile isn’t private first.

  37. I see both sides but ultimately the ring now belongd to you and has for many years. Maybe tell her that you've had the ring for so long, you've been envisioning giving it to your future daughter and don't want to take that away from her/ you.

  38. Anytime someone posts on here in need of advice they just get downvoted and told that they are screwed if they stay with the significant other lol Reddit is so toxic

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