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  1. Came here to say this – your parents will be back as soon as they hear the pitterpatter of little feet. I'm definitely not objective, because my little sister had a baby boy last year, who is the cutest smartest baby in the entire universe!

    My little sister and her bf had broken up when she turned up pregnant, and she also considered not keeping the pregnancy – now she and her bf are happily living together, raising this amazing baby, and contemplating making another one. And I love this baby more than anyone in this world, and he is so much fun, and I really regret never having kids myself, and if you get the chance to make this unique experience, you should grab it! Sorry for rambling, but this makes me really emotional.

  2. He did what was correct for him. He was miserable. I believe you knew he was miserable. Every time you rejected his advances, it was like poking a knife through his heart. He was making efforts, and you were content to leave him in misery and hurt.

    He told you what he needed, and you ignored it because it was not what you were comfortable and content, and that is all that mattered in your world.

    You don't need to be sexual, or have any libido, or to want sex… but you do need to communicate that in advance of a relationship. It needs to be open and not hidden.

    It will break every single relationship eventually unless you find someone who feels the same about sex

    Doing otherwise leaves your partner devastated, hurt, questioning his/her own worth, and one of two things will happen. They will leave you, or they will stay, and be miserable until they hate you, and cheat on you.

    An endless circle of breakups and resentment.

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