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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. That's what he wants. That's he reels you in and that's how you get sucked up into the cycle again.

    Any shitty life he has now is on him. Not you.

  2. I think you're the comment that has come closest to how I feel about this question. Like, yes, there's nothing wrong with touching yourself, but OP wasn't, and the way the boyfriend's imagination oversexualizes OP's actions is kinda weird and uncomfortable. It's like in his mind, her only function is sex. “You were doing a motion I didn't recognize, must be masturbation” has a similar energy to “you were interacting with another man, must be fucking him.”

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  4. Are you speaking from experience? Did you get cheated on and try to stay? I would love to hear how that worked out and if it’s possible to overcome something like this

  5. Personally, if I'm single and interacting with someone of the opposite gender who's in a relationship I treat them as a single entity even if I'm really a lot more close to them than I am their partner.

    If I were her in this situation, I'd have asked to meet you and then socialised with both of you, or at the very least invited you to everything and made it obvious that you're always welcome to come along – including on the holiday.

    The big exception is very long term friendships, but theirs obviously isn't one.

    I think you can't really tell your boyfriend whether he can or can't be friends with her (you can decide whether or not it's a dealbreaker for you, and leave if it is), but you could ask to be included in a similar way to how I've outlined above. I think meeting her at the very least is a reasonable ask.

  6. AHAH your comment is amazing. I love this, and I will be taking it on board. Atleast a 70% is a B grade in Australia… and yes in AUD, which is about $90-100USD. I definitely will be ending it, I don't want his money

  7. I don't get why people can't just buy things that are within a reasonable price range regarding theor income and daily expenses. This whole engagement ring thing is just a marketing strategy anyways, nothing more. If you can afford to get her a 5000 dollar ring and are hapoy to do it then go ahead, if you can't afford it and don't feel comfortable with spending money that you literally don't have then don't. She should be getting engaged to you, not to a piece of jewelry.

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