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  1. Hmm… Usually there's a lot of food involved for celebrating the new year, hahaha. My family has these red bean cake thingies, sesame seed balls, sticky rice cake, and almond cookies to eat on the day of the new year. If you want decorations, Chinese grocery stores have decorations out by now. Usually they have the “good fortune” character written on them.

    There's also giving out red envelopes with money inside, but those are usually given by parents to their children, or elders to someone else's kids when they're visiting.

    Maybe try cooking some of his favorite dishes to eat with him to start off? I'm not sure if he's the type of person to go all-out with celebrating, or likes a small celebration instead.

  2. I mean the example you gave was the pizza so that’s what I’m referring to. Even on that you shouldn’t be overruling, you should be compromising when the two of you want different things and compromise is as easy as it is.

  3. You never asked her about it, or spoke about it enough to know what she wanted, but assume she hid it from you or lied?

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