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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. You are not the exception and you need to understand that. He’s not gonna stop cheating for you and you should be ashamed of getting with someone after knowing they are cheating on someone. You are no different and now you’ll be left in the dust as well. Find someone who will treat with respect and not have you wondering about where their loyalty stands 24/7

  2. If your boyfriend is certain, believe him. I was lucky when my folks didn't interfere as much in who I wanted to date/marry. I helped my girlfriend (now wife) renew her visa and later had her move in with me. When my mom said I shouldn't have her live with me because we weren't married yet, I told her to butt out. She dropped it and later we got engaged and married. I know my situation isn't the same as yours, but just giving you the insight that not everyone will let their parents brainwash them.

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    A year and a half I had been sending her money and she was supposed to match and contribute it to an investment account. She spent all of it. It's gone, as is my trust for her. Do you think if she repaid me we can recover, or is this a nuclear bomb to our relationship? Could you forgive?

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