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Date: September 27, 2022

10 thoughts on “Amonet live webcams for YOU!

  1. So you are now $800 short and need to know his next out of town trip. You’re not going to move past this and shouldn’t. This is serious and sorry isn’t going to cut it. What is his solution? You didn’t fuck up he did. So he needs to come up with a plan that you agree to and no he can’t be trusted when he’s out.

  2. I wouldn't read it as any kind of a sign good or bad. There are a lot of ways to interpret that question. Maybe she's trying to get a feel for what sort of woman you find attractive (good sign) but more likely she's just making conversation (neutral sign.) There's no real way to know.

    If you like her just ask her out on a date. You aren't going to get anywhere just texting back and forth.

  3. She threw away the 6 years by cheating and hiding and lying. Your relationship is over because of her. Make it official. There is no coming back from this.

  4. Tbh I'm the same way, people assume I'm stern just from looking at me and I care WAAAAY too much about what other people think of me so I'm constantly using my brain power to overanalyze other people's micro-expressions and the things they say to me instead of enjoying the moment. If my boyfriend tries to make some innocent fun of me/ roast me, my first instinct is to ask “what did you mean by that” or “do you really think that of me?”. I used to take it very seriously for some reason. I don't do it as much as I used to though; I've learned to relax a little.

    I actively try to pull away from these behaviors and I'm learning to laugh at myself more. I learned if you take yourself so seriously all the time, you become somewhat of a stressful presence to others. Like other people can subconsciously feel your anxiety even if you don't say anything.

    Not really suggesting this, but one thing I do that chills me out a lot is partake in the devil's lettuce. That more than anything has helped me be able to let go of certain insecurities and anxieties in the moment and just go for the dumbest jokes, which definitely has lead to some of the best laughing fits with friends and boyfriends.

  5. And wearing a turban is a tradition in some cultures but not mine… I reject feeling shamed cause I want a traditional family name structure… If you want to be “modern” then cool.. Date other people who want that then and leave the rest alone.

  6. You have done all you can. You told him how you feel, you told him what you would like, he is making an informed decision to continue as he is. He is actively choosing gaming over you.

    You have 2 choices:

    1) Stay and continue as you are. 2) Leave and find someone that actually values you and your time.

    The answer will be 2) eventually, because he isn't going to change.

  7. Seriously. I really think it’s an insecurity thing where they need to feel like they can hold something over you and trap you into staying because they know you could do way better in every regard.

    OP needs to dump this loser.

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