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  1. You don't need Reddit you need a professional therapist to help you out. Also, if your BF is with you that means he likes you for who you are. I wouldn't under estimate yourself.

  2. It may help a lot to tell him how you're feeling. It may help if he really tries to fix some of the things that bother you the most (and it may be kind of fair to give him that chance). And if he reacts badly – then it may help you make the decision to move on.

    Another thing that may help is to take back a little more of your own independence, as you may be able to live together (and even still love each other) without spending so much time together. There's a tendency for couples to talk before dinner – and then eat together – and then to sit in front of the same TV, or at least in the same room for multiple hours each evening. Where longer term relationship seem to work better if you each have something of your own domain within your home – or if it's a really small place than having a bedroom with a door, and a comfortable chair to hang out in will make it easier to be home together – but not always together.

    And of course your own independence also means having you each do some things on your own during the course of a week. So both partners get some away time and some home alone time.

    It's sounds like you might do better if you can generally feel less trapped in your situation. So it may also help to remember that by staying another month – or even another year, isn't the same as staying there for the rest of your life.

  3. When your husband asks for more alone time, how does he ideally envision it? Does he just want you to go out on work functions independently? Does he want to spend time alone at home, or time with friends outside? Don’t assume he wants you to book a two night stay at a hotel each time. Just ask him how does alone time look like for him?

  4. I see. Why would innocently asking “how come you'll pay for my sister's friend and not her” should not go over well. Unless they are difficult people.

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