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  1. He’s ignoring you unless he wants things out of you. That’s got to do bad things to your self-esteem.

    Please don’t stay with him. For your own sake.

  2. That’s fair, especially if you had seen each other a lot in that time. It can be very disappointing but on the bright side at least you found out this early and can move on to someone better 🙂

  3. This is still not gaslighting though. Gaslighting is not a once off comment admitting that they did something, but that something is normal. Gaslighting is a continuous thing, convincing the partner that they remember things wrong.

    Its still Really shitty behaviour, but not Gaslighting.

  4. Have you told him you don’t like that he watches this content when you’re around? Have you talked to him at all about your preferences?

  5. Regarding the car payments, I wouldn’t use it as an excuse to break up with your BF as he is showing a willingness to sacrifice for a mistake he made. 1.5k is a lot any normal person, and it feels like even more for you BF.

    Additionally, you are right that letting him use the car despite not having collision insurance was a bad move,so I do think you bear some responsibility here.

    However, Infinitely more concerning are the 2 “footnotes” you included. Losing his lincense due not paying insurance and hit and running from the truck are both serious red flags IMO. These actions Indicate he prefers running from his problems and a lack of responsibility. Based on this, I am suspect to the amount he’s actually changed from when you first broke up with him isn’t actually that great.

    So if you can live with a man who makes mistakes and expects other people to pay for them, stay in the relationship. But if his good qualities don’t make up for this, I’d bail.

  6. He used to do it before for days and come back with new friends he'd say are better than me but it wouldn't last more than a couple days

    Just never expected it to be after my surgery it was my first surgery under full anesthesia I was scared .

  7. Does “made out” mean that you had sex? If it does, that's a major transgression. Never tell ANYONE that it happened. Confession will tempt you, but the usual result of confession is immediate tragedy. That is … if you want to keep the relationship with current BF. You feel guilty and rightly so. But, at some point you should forgive yourself. It was a mistake. Serious, but still a mistake. We all make mistakes.

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