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Date: September 24, 2022

25 thoughts on “⭐️ https://onlyfans.com/saekokawai the hot live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Given the nature of her “friends”, I'm not surprised that she's curious what that lifestyle would be like. Perhaps she's not able to see the downside to that lifestyle, as her friends are ignoring or are unaware of the potential downsides, such as a lack of true connection, other than sexual, with guys. Another potential downside is the danger of contracting STDs or accidentally becoming impregnated by a guy that has no emotional connection with them. You should tell her that she can have continual dates with a variety of men, and still be as lonely as a female that's an ugly duckling, and after a while will come to wish she was back in relationship with you, but, at that point, you will have moved on.

    The last thing you should do is to give her “permission” to sow her wild oats until she realized the truth I've listed above, as you must maintain your self respect. If she's insistent on finding out for herself if the “fun life” suits her or not, then turn her loose to do so, as you really can't prevent her from doing so in the first place.

    However, when you turn her loose, you've also cleared the decks to seek out a female whose friend groups aren't riding the carousel, and that value the personal and emotional relationship of a mature, self assured man.

    I wish you well.

  2. This would also count the fact that things can be talked about after calming down. Ive spent most of my life ihnoring my feelings and bottling them up and it was toxic. I now take the time to feel what i need to feel amd if that takes hours or days, i dont understand why thats unhealthy

  3. I wouldn't bother. It's best for the child if they can coparent well. I don't care who I'm dating or married to, if my kids' mother actually wanted to pay attention to the kid for christmas I'm letting them

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  5. If you read properly you would have noticed i said he would be controlling IF he insisted she cant have male friends

  6. Gotcha. So are you saying his gf might have made him delete my social media contact info along side other girls’ too so he can only contact me through emails?

  7. Idk what advice you want here. Personally, I would never go to a party that my boyfriend/husband was specifically banned from. He's an important part of my life, and if my friends (ex, in this case) can't handle it then I wouldn't be interested in pursuing a friendship further.

    I would have a problem if my bf/husband decided to go if the show was on the other foot with me and one of his exes. Only you can tell whether this is something that bothers you, and if it does then stress this fact to your girlfriend, and act accordingly based on her response/actions.

  8. As someone raised by two people who grew up is deep Appalachian poverty but made 6 figures at her job as an adult?

    He needs to get into why. I shopped like that because my mother can't bring herself to spend for full price items when she can get it on sale. Great for her because her size is usually on the discount rack, but mine wasn't. So I didn't dress appropriate for work for years. Cheap socks, cheap shoes, cheap clothes. It was only by doing therapy that I inadvertently realized that I had a fucked up relationship with how I dressed myself because I was raised to think I couldn't afford it.

    Take her shopping, give her one rule: I will buy you an outfit that is full price and new to the shop this month. Let her buy it, whatever it is, but no sales rack. Go to a bra shop that does fittings after, insist on a good bra with the same rules. Bring the outfit.

    If she doesn't have the right shoes, try it again.

    It took me one J. Crew blazer in Italian wool at $250 to realize that it was worth it because I could wear this in a decade and the quality was obvious. How disordered was this thinking? I nearly completed a minor in Fashion Design and Costuming in undergrad! I KNEW this for other people.

  9. You met on Tinder!!! Not exactly playing hard to get or showing values and morals when you put yourself on there. There's a certain group of guys that go on there and you found one!! Just be careful!

  10. You didn't do anything wrong, also like sex is a really important part in relationships for most people. Your GF clearly has alot of guilt and shame around it and that sucks for her but is not your fault…I wouldn't date someone for 4 years without having sex….which by the way (oral sex is sex lol) so she's hung out on very specific sexual acts not all sex because she is having sex with you. I'd show her this post.

  11. We have talked about it after sex like when we were cuddling and just laying next to each other just kind of mindlessly touching each other in a non sexual way.

  12. That’s the thing. She doesn’t believe in aborting. That’s how we had our first child. She is taking responsibility. She’s telling me she understands if I don’t want anything to do with her but it’s just hard for me to stay away from her. She’s held me down at the lowest points of my life and I’ve also done the same for her. I always dreamed of having a happy family and we had that for a while, broke up, and we got back to it. The only reason I’m even questioning should I stay is because I slept with someone first. If I didn’t do it first then she wouldn’t have.

  13. He could have said so many other things less hurtful but he chose to say that? This makes him an assjoke. It’s a shame if you stay with him.

  14. thanks for the advice. lol i tried that but for some reason the more i distance from her the more she chases and the more i chase and ask to give another shot the more distant she is. idk what to do so i wanted a middleman. and i’m rlly keen on the idea of moving on to someone else

  15. '”It was decided” by whom?

    Was the sledgehammer a practical solution you both reluctantly came to, or did you just get mad and start smashing? I've got some alarm bells ringing here.

  16. Draw it wherever you want. Clearly this is bothering you and you want someone on Reddit to tell you that you’re right and tell you to break up. So…okay.?‍♀️

    You two have dated a month and you’re harkening back to things that happened in December when you weren’t even on the scene.

    I think you’re giving this chick too much mental real estate and need to just let it go and either enjoy your relationship of a month or move on.

    This is just way too much self induced drama.

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