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  1. it snowed on Sunday evening here in the uk and whilst making plans I told him that she was going to bust from her house and he seemed generally repelled by the idea

    i have no idea what this means

  2. You threw it in there because of the “desirability” of being endowed. You mentioned it like it was a point in your favor

  3. Are you hanging around with folks who smoke?

    I was. I asked the ones that do if they could not smoke around me for a while because my wife is sensitive to it. Really understanding, so they don't.

    BUT, At work, we do business with international clients. They smoke a ton.

    I've deep cleaned my car. She's smelled my car. No problem with my car anymore.

  4. Your girlfriend isn't “over” her past, she's proud of it. Which is totally fine.

    The problem is that she's continually bringing her past into your present, and rubbing your nose in it with everyone she possibly can with you.

    This is way too much drama, and now you're getting blamed for drama she creates.

    You need to be out, man. Don't marry this one.

  5. You're dating and going on a vacation together. How would that be anything other than romantic?

    If you're not sure, just ask. You two are in your 30s, you should be able to be direct about whether you're just friends or not.

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