My(25F) boyfriend(27M) says it’s unfair for him to not sleep around when I’m out of town


Boyfriend says it’s unfair to him if he doesn’t sleep around when I’m out of town

Basically the title. I’ve speed dated him for a month. He brought up he’d want to sleep around when I’m out of town for a month because he doesn’t want to “virginise” himself. I said I’m not ok with it and he says “ok I won’t do it then because I don’t want us to break things off due to this- but this is unfair.” His reasoning is biologically men want to sleep around.

My gut says that I don’t feel safe with him and don’t trust him 100% no matter how many times he says he won’t do it.

Should I go to therapy and be ok with it or should I break it off from him ?

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Date: November 6, 2023

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